The Cloak of Earth Mother

Te Korowai o Papatūānuku

Native Kauri Forest


Experience an exclusive māori cultural guided tour through an amazing native kauri forest.

Learn how māori traditionally used the trees, plants and birds of the forest to heal, protect, nourish, entertain and support their growing families.

  • Knowledge of traditional trapping methods for food.
  • Modern pest control trapping methods used today.
  • Option to try traditional māori medicines.
  • Listen to the haunting sounds of a traditional māori instrument.

Haruru Falls

Te Rere

We will visit Haruru Falls where you can take a short walk down to see the water as it falls over the rocks and drops down to meet the sea. It's a beautiful place to have photos taken.

  • Learn how these waters support the people that live in this area and the wildlife that depends on it to survive.

Mount Bledisloe

Te Puke

You can view the Bay of Islands from this beautiful location. It's a chance for me to show you my home from up high.

At night, this is the place where the kīwī call to one another. It's also the place where the youngest volcano in Northland can be found.

  • Learn how Te Puke formed the landscape.
  • Learn how how we are trying to save the wildlife in this area.



Here in this stunning place you will find out the history of the signing of the most important document of our country, The Treaty of Waitangi and the affect that it has had on the people of this nation.

I will share my local knowledge of this beautiful area and my experiences of what it was like for me growing up here in this paradise.